About Us


At the beginning of 2000 the sociologist Dr. Thomas Schweer got the idea that in combination with geo mapping techniques and offender behavior patterns, a new and additional investigative method in combat of mass criminality can be developed.

Due to the variety of data and systems involved, this approach is not possible without the use of modern techniques of computer-assisted analysis.



Therefore, Dr. Schweer convinced IT specialists Mr. Christian Rams and Mr. Ralf Middendorf about his idea, the “Institut für musterbasierte Prognosetechnik” was born.

In 2011 with the system of precobs, a fully automatic ongoing forecasting system in the field of burglaries, was provided, which was the base for a new pattern-based investigation method that could be used in the daily operation of police.

The Institute combines acquisitions from interdisciplinary fields of social sciences, criminology, social geography and computer science. IfmPt offers it´s developed concepts as a service for predictive policing.