Workshop Predictive Policing


Dr. Thomas Schweer

The fight against residential burglaries supported by “near repeat prediction method”.

In 2013, the Federal Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BKA) nationwide registered 208,292 burglaries. That means once more an increase of 3.5% in comparison to the previous year (BKA). The detection rate is 15.5%. A large quota of delinquency is committed by professional, nationwide organized groups that act highly efficient. These gangs operate on division of labour. They have a sophisticated logistic in terms of exploring crime scenes, operating procedure, selection and sale of swag.  Often there are agreements in place between different offenders to split territories (for example the Ruhr Area) between the gangs.

Scientists have found out that geographical districts where a burglary has occurred, often must expect other offenses (so called “near repeats”) within a short time and space. With the help of an automated computer technology the offender-behavior can be recognized as pattern-based and therefore is predictable. With this computer technology, the police forces are able, to realize the endangered areas and they can take appropriate measures at an early stage. “Near Repeat Prediction Method” is able to identify future site of crimes and can assist the police to schedule their missions.

The Institut für musterbasierte Prognosetechnik (IfmPt) in its one-day seminar offers an introduction of the “near-repeat-research” and also presents the system, developed  by IfmPt. It shows methodology to integrate this modern form of predictive policing in the daily police work.

Target group: employees of security services, employees of the task forces to combat street crime, clerks of criminal police stations to combat burglary theft, employees of analysis centers.

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