Near Repeats

Near Repeats in Science

The phenomenon of near repeats is a part of scientific studies  worldwide. Especially for burglary  it is shown, that the risk of following offenses increases after a burglary has taken place within short time.

If your house has been broken into, there is an increased risk that your house will be broken into again within a very short time” says Jerry Ratcliffe, professor of criminal justice at Temple University

A  study of the Jill Dando Institute of Crime Science determined, that further offenses often might occur in three temporal sectors (2, 7 or 28 days). In the spatial distance a range of 400 meters was found. In addition, it was recognized, that not all districts were affected by this phenomenon in the same ways.

 Various studies show that near repeats can be found as well in other offense fields, such as:

*          burglary
*          street robbery
*          armed robbery
*          motor vehicle theft

Near Repeats in operational use

The phenomenon of near repeats provides a new approach to criminological investigation work. In addition to the offender analysis and with the help of automated and pattern-based detection of near repeats, an early warning system can be built up, that gives information about potentially occurring criminal offense to police control centers in their daily operation.

Such a system was developed by IfmPt with precobs.  IfmPt is a pioneer for this method, that soon will be part of the daily police practice.