Near Repeat Prediction Method

Predictive Policing made in Germany

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The German Institut für musterbasierte Prognosetechnik (Institute for pattern-based Prediction Technique), also known as IfmPt, combines interdisciplinary fields of social sciences, criminology, social geography and computer sciences and offers its concepts, methods and products worldwide. precobs (pre crime observation system) is a forecasting software to predict burglary crime and it is designed for international usage.

Near Repeats – State of Research

Crime mapping and geographical case studies are well known parts of criminological analytics. A new field of research deals with the investigation of near repeats. Especially for burglary, international studies show, that in an area where a break-in happens, following offenses must be expected within short time and space. Based on these facts the “Near Repeat Prediction Method” was developed by IfmPt and implemented with precobs.

Pattern Recognition and Trigger Offenses

The challenge is to predict a near repeat ad hoc and correctly. IfmPt relies on empirical knowledge about the specific field of crime and develops distinctive characteristics for the detection of criminal profiling of single or repeating offenders, opportunity or professional offender, spontaneous or structured and organized approach. Areas in which offenders occur repeatedly, are recognized as near repeat affine and in the focus for an automated predictability.

Pre Crime Observation System - p r e c o b s

Receiving current crime data, precobs provides forecastings, usable by police authorities for daily operational and preventive purposes. Forces in research, control centers and patrol units are getting indications in time and space for mission planning and execution. The forecasts easily can be integrated into the information flow of police departments. Future strategies against crime will increasingly be supported by automatic analyzing systems.

precobs provides predictive policing today!